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Role plays & oral activities

Role play: An Extraordinary Allied Nations’ Summit Meeting

This self contained, freely downloadable educational resource is suitable for years 10-12 and provides all the resources for a classroom role play. Primary and secondary source material enlivens the historical activities as students play the parts of members of the press gallery or delegates from Australia, Great Britain and the USA at an April 1942 summit meeting to discuss defence policy. In this enjoyable simulation game, students engage in research and role play, gaining insights into the events around Australia’s decision in the 1940s to ‘look to America’.

The resource includes:

  • Game Information: information about the setting and how to play the game, an agenda for the meeting, background historical information and a timeline.
  • Source documents: Primary and secondary source documents including cartoons, private and official correspondence, newspaper articles and extracts from oral histories.
  • Role cards & special messages: for the press gallery and delegations.

Radio Interview (about Curtin’s sporting interests)

Suitable for Years 10-12. Based on the resource John Curtin: A Good Sport which looks at John Curtin’s passion for sport, both as a participant and as a spectator. The activity offers:

  • engaging background information about Prime Minister Curtin’s sporting interests via the online exhibition panels;
  • a choice of 3 sports for the interview focus (football, cricket, horse racing);
  • suggestions and sample interviews to assist students to create their own interviews.