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Ordering & reproducing images

Images on the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library catalogue database are available for you to save or print for research or study. To reproduce images for commercial purposes, including films, websites, books and any other format, you will need to obtain permission from the Library.

The JCPML does not charge for images and will supply digital copies from the collection, copyright and permission permitting. Digital images are usually supplied as Tiff files at 300dpi.

Images will be supplied within 7 days of receipt of the request and delivered by Dropbox (in most cases). Requests for large numbers will be met as time permits.

For images still in copyright, you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holder before we will supply the image.

Please make requests for copies of images by email and provide contact details, the accession number of the image (e.g. JCPML00473/01), and intended purpose. Find out how to contact us here.


The JCPML makes digital copies of material from its collection and from the collections of other institutions available for viewing via the Electronic Research Archive (ERA).

The Library provides access to this collection for educational and research purposes only as permitted under the fair dealing provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 and the Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda) Act 2000.

Some material available via the JCPML web site may be protected by Australian Copyright legislation and/or by the copyright laws of other nations. It is the responsibility of any person wishing to use such material to obtain written permission of the owners of copyright and/or other rights before any reproduction, distribution or other use of protected items is undertaken.

Many documents in ERA and in JCPML online resources consist of unpublished manuscript material for which copyright is held by the Commonwealth or state governments. Also included is material for which copyright is held privately, either by organisations or by individuals and in general, this material is of no commercial value. The material that is digitally copied is usually over 50 years old and, because of the age of the documents and the passage of time; copyright holders cannot always reasonably be identified or traced.

The JCPML endeavours to contact owners of copyright of material reproduced on these web pages and is eager to hear from any copyright owners who have not been traced. If you identify yourself as the copyright holder of material on the JCPML web site please contact us so that appropriate recognition can be provided.


If you use or quote from material viewed in ERA or an online resource, the JCPML must be acknowledged as the source and the item must be identified by its accession number. If the original of the item is held by another institution, that institution must also be acknowledged. The correct citation of references is important for:

• Providing a check-list of references used
• Adding credibility to a published work
• Helping future researchers to locate the original reference.

The citation for material within ERA can be accessed by selecting Citation View when looking at the Full View of a record.

The information required in the citation depends on whether the reference being cited is:

1. A whole collection of records
For example, John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library. Records of Frederick McLaughlin. 1914-1995.

2. A specific series from within a collection of records
For example, John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library. Records of the Curtin Family. Photographs collected by John Curtin Family. 1885-1979.

3. A specific file or item from within a collection of records
For example, John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library. Records of Jim Payne. Order of Service: Memorial Service for John Curtin, St Andrew´s, Sydney. 6 July 1945. JCPML00101/1.

4. Original records or copies of records held by another institution
If the original of the record being cited is held by another institution, this will be noted in the Description field of the Full View of the record in ERA.

For example, John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library. Records of the Prime Minister’s Dept. Child Endowment – Reports and Evidence 1929. JCPML00305/7. (Original held by National Archives of Australia: F5/32)