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Hazel Hawke Collection

The JCPML holds the papers of Hazel Hawke in line with its collection theme of ‘The Prime Ministership as an Office’. Identifying herself as a West Australian, Hazel Hawke wanted her records to come to a university in her home state. These records document Mrs Hawke’s life before, during and after her time at the prime minister’s Lodge (1983-1991).

About Hazel Hawke and her Collection

View a brief biography of Mrs Hawke and a comprehensive description of the records in the Hazel Hawke Collection.

Without classification: Hazel Hawke

View the online version of this 2002 exhibition, which brings together important material from the Hazel Hawke Collection with distinguished examples of poster art in Australia. Asked whether she saw herself as a family woman or a career woman, Hazel Hawke answered ‘I don’t classify myself’.

Hazel Hawke Alzheimer’s Research and Care Foundation

The Hazel Hawke Alzheimer’s Research and Care Foundation, established in 2004 by Alzheimer’s Australia and Hazel Hawke, aims to raise funds to assist on-going research into the prevention and management of Alzheimer’ disease, and to help provide crucial services to people and their carers living with dementia.