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The pursuit of knowledge: Curtin, looking ever forward

This major JCPML exhibition was officially opened by the Governor of Western Australia, His Excellency Dr Ken Michael, AC, on 26 March 2008. It closed in October 2012.

The Pursuit of Knowledge: Curtin, looking ever forward is now available as an online exhibition.

The great University should look ever forward; for it the past should be but a preparation for the greater days to be.

These words, written by John Curtin in 1932, resonate strongly with the university named after Australia’s war time prime minister in its vision to be a leading university in education and research.

This exhibition explored the shared beliefs of Curtin the man and Curtin the university – noting the passionate commitment of each to education and the pursuit of knowledge. Since its early days as the Western Australian Institute of Technology, the University has earned a reputation for applying creative thinking and ingenuity to the solution of real world problems.

From John Curtin’s own education and the initiatives of his war time government in furthering tertiary education and research, the exhibition moves to a focus on the University and showcases some of the significant, innovative and exciting research currently being undertaken at Curtin.

The exhibition booklet provides more information about The Pursuit of Knowledge.

Exhibition team

Exhibition Consultants: Creative Spaces
Creative Director: James Cooper
Art Director: Rikki Clarke
Exhibition Designer: Paulo Derilo
Graphic Designer: Mia Aspland
Researcher & Writer: Caroline Harben
Audiovisual & Multimedia: Rick Mason, Siam New Media

Project Management: Libero Parisotto
Research & Curatorial Advice: Lesley Wallace
JCPML Historical Consultant: Prof David Black
Education Activities: Ros Marshall
Curatorial & Research Assistance: David Wylie & Amanda Cockrell


The JCPML acknowledges the generous support of Curtin University of Technology in the development of this exhibition and the invaluable assistance of the Curtin researchers whose innovative work is showcased in the displays.

With thanks to

Aquinas College
Australian Labor Party
Australian National University
Australian War Memorial
Australiana Fund
Rick Barrett
BHP Billiton
Blessed Sacrament Congregation & St Francis’ Church
Paul Bridges
Peter Dent
Joanne Castelli
John Curtin Family
Curtin University of Technology
Corporate Communications
Digital Media Unit
Office of Research & Development
Records & Archives Office
Strategic Procurement Group
Robin Glenie
J S Battye Library of West Australian History
Mako Media
National Archives of Australia
National Film & Sound Archive
National Library of Australia
National Marine Sanctuaries (USA)
Sam Landels Video
Stephen Smith
State Library of Victoria
University of Western Australia Archives
West Australian News Ltd.
Vikki Wilson
World Health Organisation
Chen Wu