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Is constitutional freedom enough?

The 15th JCPML Anniversary Lecture, marking the 69th anniversary of John Curtin’s death, was presented by Professor Geoff Gallop on Tuesday 26th August at Curtin University.

View the video of the event on the Curtin iLecture web page (58 mins). The recording includes the welcome by Ms Catherine Clark, introduction by Professor Deborah Terry, Professor Gallop’s address and the response by Professor David Black.

The Geoff Gallop Collection, focuses on Professor Gallop’s years in the WA Parliament and includes electoral office papers, speeches and speech notes, memorabilia, correspondence, electorate scrapbooks, political cartoons, government achievement reports, direct mail, and papers on a wide variety of themes including WA electoral reform, the Australian republic, the Australian Labor Party and WA history, and the Burke, Dowding and Lawrence Governments.